Sustainability vision

Sustainability is at the core of everything we do. Our focus is on continuous improvement in the areas of safety (including gender safety), wellbeing, environmental and community engagement, and responsible stewardship of natural resources. Building and maintaining a trusted, sustainable, and beneficial presence in the areas where we operate is essential to our success.
Our approach to sustainability is aligned with our Vision and Values and aims to deliver shared value across all aspects of the business from exploration to closure through our people.

Our people

Our people are the essence of our business and we are committed to ensuring they benefit from a safe and inclusive work environment that recognises the value every individual brings to our success.


Aurelia is committed to the health and safety of our employees, contractors and communities. We achieve this through our Safe Metals program and zero harm philosophy where all workplace incidents and injuries are considered preventable. We strive to continually improve our health and safety performance through our annual planning cycle process.

Our communities

We strive to build trusted, transparent and long-term relationships with our communities and contribute positively through programs that respect their aspirations. We recognise the deep connection First Nations peoples have with the land and  are committed to operating in a way that protects their aspirations.

Indigenous partnerships

Aurelia values our relationship with First Nations Peoples on whose land we operate, and we acknowledge their rights and interests to protect and manage their cultural heritage.


Aurelia is committed to responsible environmental stewardship including conservation of biodiversity, efficient use of resources, pollution prevention and minimisation of environmental impact.

Climate Change

We are proud to be mining the modern metals that are the foundation of our transition to a low carbon society. Beyond this, we are proactively looking at our carbon footprint to ensure we are lowering emissions and producing critical minerals in a more sustainable way.

Supply chain governance

In conducting our business, we respect and promote human rights, apply ethical and transparent business practices, and comply with applicable laws, regulations, licences and commitments. These are the same expectations we have for our suppliers and everyone we do business with.