We acknowledge the risks to the environment inherent in our operations.

Our unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship includes the preservation of biodiversity, the judicious utilisation of resources (including water), the management of tailings and waste rock, and rehabilitation and closure.

Recognising the magnitude of the challenge climate change poses to our natural world, we are resolute in our dedication to enhancing our resilience to climate-related risks. This encompasses the reduction, management and meticulous oversight of greenhouse gas emissions and other far-reaching consequences of climate change.

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Green Rules

Aurelia Metals’ Green Rules are four rules to guide individual behaviours in our efforts to protect the environment and our communities. Since their implementation, minor non-compliances to our licenses and approvals have significantly decreased and awareness of the importance of protecting the environment has increased.

Never breach the ground, disturb vegetation, or drive off formed roads unless authorised to do so by the Environment Department.

Never intentionally discharge hydrocarbons or hazardous materials to the ground outside a bunded area.

Never intentionally discharge process/potentially contaminated water to the ground outside a bunded area.

Never intentionally harm or interfere with wildlife unless authorised to do so by the Environment Department.

Tailings and waste rock management

Our operations generate tailings (mineral processing residues) that are stored in purpose-built Tailings Storage Facilities (TSFs).

Aurelia operates central-thickened TSFs at Hera Mine and Peak Mine and a perimeter discharge TSF at Dargues Mine.

The TSF designs are informed by industry experts for the local meteorological, topographical, and site-specific conditions.

We reduce risks by utilising fit-for-purpose construction techniques, and daily, monthly and annual inspections.

All sites have completed a dam break analysis and have Pollution Incident Response Management Plans in place.


Aurelia values the diverse environments in which it operates and is committed to managing its impacts on these important ecosystems. For Aurelia, biodiversity includes the responsible consumption of water sources, resource management, and protecting the ecological values where practicable.

We are committed to protecting or offsetting our impacts to biodiversity through the implementation of our Group-wide Green Rules.

Offsetting – in accordance with the Biodiversity Assessment Methodology (BAM) – is another way we work to protect biodiversity. Our impacts to biodiversity at the Federation Project are offset through the retirement of biodiversity credits at our offset property, Chelsea. If Aurelia does not have the required biodiversity credits, they are sourced from a third party or the NSW government.

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