Hera Mine

Our Hera Mine is a polymetallic underground mining operation, located approximately 100km south-east of Cobar in central-west NSW. Aurelia’s predecessor company, YTC Resources Limited, commenced development of the Hera Project in 2013 and achieved commercial production in 2014.

The Hera mineral deposits are extracted using bench stoping with stope voids backfilled with waste rock. Ore is trucked to surface where it is processed through a 455ktpa plant using three stage crushing, gravity gold, flotation and leach circuits to produce gold-silver doré and a combined lead-zinc concentrate. Tailings generated from ore processing are stored within the established storage facility, located adjacent to and south of the process plant.

Hera is a mature operation with ore extracted from remnant zones across multiple underground mining areas.  Stoping of the Hays North zone in the upper section of the mine commenced in mid-2022 and will sustain mine production into 2023.

Hera’s tenement area is underexplored with a pipeline of exploration targets within 15km of the mine complex.  We have recently focused on accelerated exploration and evaluation works for the Federation deposit that is located approximately 10km south of the Hera mine complex.

The Federation Project will leverage the established infrastructure at our Hera site. Given its exceptional grade tenor, we consider Federation to be one of the most significant regional discoveries in decades.

Regulatory compliance reporting.

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Production performance


Site Operations

Hera Mine Snapshot

100% Aurelia Metals.

Polymetallic underground mine and processing facility.

Nymagee, Central West, NSW.



  • Mature underground mine with increasing proportion of remnant ore extraction.
  • Mine access is via a boxcut and decline from the surface.
  • Gold, lead and zinc grades decrease over remaining mine life.
  • Mining operations undertaken by contractor.
  • Ore extracted by open stoping methods with rock backfill placed in stope voids.


  • Throughput of 455ktpa.
  • Primary and secondary crushing operations undertaken by contractor.
  • Tertiary crushing, grinding (Verti and tower mills and Stirred Media Detritor), gravity gold with ILR, flotation and concentrate leach circuits.
  • Water sourced from mine dewatering, process water recycling and rainfall runoff, supplemented by groundwater extraction.
  • Electricity supplied by site LNG power plant (contractor operated).
  • Products: gold and silver doré, combined (bulk) lead-zinc concentrate.


  • Corrosion control and structural steel replacement program.
  • Ongoing preventative maintenance program to sustain plant availability.
  • Comprehensive spare parts holding.
  • Fixed plant maintenance performed by Aurelia with access to regional expertise and resources.

Sales and logistics

  • Doré transported and sold to domestic refineries.
  • Concentrate transported 80km by truck to Hermidale rail transfer facility for export through Port of Newcastle.
  • Life of mine agreement for concentrate offtake.