Our people

At Aurelia, we care about people because everything we do is done by people, for people – and without people, there is no Aurelia.
Diversity & inclusion

Aurelia recognises that a diverse and inclusive workforce brings a wide range of perspectives and experiences and enables employees to fully contribute their talent to business improvement and success.

We have developed a permanent Diversity & Inclusion Working Group to develop a three-year Diversity & Inclusion strategy with measurable objectives and actions.

The Strategy includes developing supportive frameworks and standards that outline expected behaviours of our people in relation to diversity and inclusion. It provides robust supportive mechanisms available for employees to raise a concern, lodge a complaint or request consideration of case-by-case work arrangements, including the provision of special leave or other support measures.

The Strategy also incorporates actions related to wellbeing that will include a workplace risk assessment on psychosocial workplace hazards.

Health and wellbeing

Together we are building a culture where people feel safe and supported to speak up, share ideas and bring their best to the workplace. This helps us deliver exceptional value for the benefit of our communities, shareholders and everyone else who depends on us.

We prioritise the mental health of our workforce. Key Human Resources and Safety support staff have also been trained as Mental Health First Aid officers across our worksites.

Zero tolerance approach to sexual harassment

We acknowledge the issues facing the resource industry in relation to misogyny and sexual harassment, and recognises we are not immune to the issues. For this reason, we reinforce a zero tolerance approach to sexual harassment and other inappropriate behaviour.

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