Our benefits

This is an exciting time to join Aurelia Metals! As a new member of our family, you will be working for an employer who truly values its employees and the significant contribution they make to its current and future success.

  • We recognise that a diverse and inclusive workforce brings a wide range of perspectives and experiences and enables employees to fully contribute their talent to our business improvement and success.
  • We strive to create an inclusive work environment where people feel comfortable to be themselves and safe to voice their views.
  • We are committed to fostering and environment where our people can reach their full potential. By investing in the capability and skills of our people, we are investing in our future growth.
  • We recognise that fairness and equality in remuneration is necessary to attract, develop and retain high-calibre employees. Employees’ variable remuneration is performance based to encourage and reward high performance aligned with business objective to create strategic, economic, and sustainable shareholder value.
  • At Aurelia, we are committed to developing and embedding a range of initiatives that are fundamental to our success. Central to this is focus on leadership capability and building a culture founded on a shared vision and values, with an aligned workforce striving for high performance outcomes. This is supported by a robust performance management system and our remuneration framework.
  • We prioritise responsible local procurement of goods and services that contribute to the economic and social development of communities where we operate. We also prioritise local employment with many of our employees living in the surrounding communities highlighting we not only work in the communities, but we are also part of our communities.
  • At Aurelia we have an Employee Share Scheme where eligible employees are invited to participate in the plan to receive fully paid ordinary shares in the Company with a nominal value of $1,000, issued each year.
  • Aurelia employees and their families also have access to our 24-hour Employee Assistance Program which provides free and confidential counselling services across a broad range of work-based and personal topics.

Applying for a role with us

We know that applying for a job can be daunting, especially if you have never worked in mining before, but we are here to help make things as easy as we can – starting with making sure you are comfortable with what to expect in our recruitment process.

Our application process is quick and simple. Before applying ensure you have your updated resume or LinkedIn profile to hand.

Our Talent Acquisition team are on hand and will reach out to you at various stages throughout the process. It’s our aim to ensure you are well prepared and equipped to do your best.