Supply chain governance

Our environmental and social governance performance is essential to our ongoing growth and success as a business.

Aurelia’s Board Sustainability & Risk Committee is responsible for satisfying itself that effective measures, systems and controls are in place in relation to managing material ESG risks that have strategic, business and reputational implications.

Aurelia is also pursuing improved transparency in sustainability reporting aligned to Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) with initial focus is on issues that are material to our business and our stakeholders. Our intention is to fully map and report to GRI and Sector (Mining) Supplement.

Modern slavery

At Aurelia Metals we are deeply committed to our Values, which guide our efforts to become a mining business recognised for creating exceptional value through our people and a portfolio of gold and base metal assets. Our Value of ‘Integrity’ means we do what’s right, and this is the approach we take to addressing any human rights harm, including modern slavery.

There is no doubt that modern slavery risks exist throughout our supply chain, and we take this very seriously. We recognise the need to work closely with our suppliers, workforce and other stakeholders to develop a common understanding of modern slavery risks that allow us to identify, assess and address them in a meaningful manner.

We also work with our business partners to build their capacity to manage modern slavery and labour exploitation risks. Our expectations are they take the same zero tolerance.

Supply chain management

The Aurelia Supply Chain team manages all procurement and logistics activities for the Company and its partners within Australia. The team has responsibility for strategic sourcing, purchasing, materials management, logistics, inventory management and accounts payable.

Aurelia seeks to work with contractors and suppliers who contribute to sustainable development and are economically, environmentally and socially responsible.