Saving our planet – one exploration tray at a time!

In May 2024, we partnered with Nicholsons of Nymagee and Polymer Processors to recycle a significant number of irreparable plastic exploration core trays at our Hera site in New South Wales.

The first 22 pallets of plastic exploration core trays were collected and arrived at the Polymer Processors plant in Braeside, Victoria on Sunday 12 May. An additional 20 pallets were collected on Monday 20 May.

This recycling is part of a broader initiative to dispose of old Hera exploration drill core, freeing up the space that more than 400 pallets were occupying. Trays were emptied and the core disposed of in the tailings storage facility ahead of recycling.

An additional 28 pallets of selected core, showing the best portions of the Hera Deposit, have been lodged with the Geological Survey of NSW and can be found in the Londonderry Core Shed.

Ensuring these trays were recycled and not sent to landfill highlights that we at Aurelia are serious about reducing the carbon footprint of our operations in the areas in which we operate.

A big thank you to those from Aurelia, Nicholsons of Nymagee, Polymer Processors and Foxtrot Solutions who were involved in this initiative!