Recordable Environmental Incidents


Aurelia measures Recordable Environmental Incident Frequency Rate (REIFR) across all our assets.

REIFR is similar to Total Recordable Injury Frequency Rate (TRIFR) and standardises incidents to one-million-person hours. Early in FY21, Hera Mine was averaging approximately 2.8 recordable incidents per month and a REIFR of 24.75.

As a result, Aurelia implemented a targeted intervention to improve awareness of environmental license requirements and Aurelia’s expectations in relation to protecting the environment and our communities. The Company implemented key actions across the site including the implementation of a lead indicator program to include environmental conversations, observations, and inspections.

Aurelia’s Green Rules were established and implemented to all Aurelia operations and catastrophic environmental hazards addressed as part of the Fatal and Catastrophic Hazards project.

As a result of the intervention, incidents have dropped to an average of 0.6 per month and a REIFR of 4.53, an 82% reduction in FY21.