Last gold bar poured from the Hera Mine

Today, we are celebrating the last gold bar poured at our Hera Mine.

Since transitioning to care and maintenance in April this year, our workforce who remained on site have worked tirelessly to decommission and secure the infrastructure.

This work included cleaning out sumps in the plant to retrieve enough gold for this final gold bar, pictured here with our Care and Maintenance Supervisor, Luke O’Reilly and General Manager – Hera, Robert Walker.

When speaking about this achievement, Mr Walker reflected on the extraordinary team at Hera and their dedication to the mine that was the birthplace of Aurelia Metals.

“I want to thank everyone who worked tirelessly throughout Hera’s transition to care and maintenance. This last gold bar represents the relentless pursuit of excellence that has become synonymous with the entire team.

“While this is the end of Hera, I – along with the past and present Hera workforce and Aurelia’s management team – look to the future with excitement at the opportunities our Federation Project hold,” Mr Walker said.