Improving access to medical services in rural NSW

In a first of its kind assistance program, Aurelia Metals is helping improve access to medical services in rural New South Wales (NSW) through subsidising accommodation for medical staff working at the Braidwood Medical Centre.

Dr Noor Ahmed – who has been with the Centre since 2014 – said the access to comfortable subsidised accommodation has attracted visiting locum nurses and medical students and importantly, specialised medical practitioners.

“The nurses who are now coming to Braidwood are senior nurses. They’re taking a break from their usual roles to work in town, and can stay in a homely environment during their breaks and on their days off,” Dr Ahmed explained.

“We need their specialist services to help the medical staff, including myself. We’re in a rural area and it’s all hands on deck most of the time. We wouldn’t have the support from these locum senior nurses if it wasn’t for this partnership with Aurelia Metals,” Dr Ahmed concluded.

Centre Co-owners and Operations Managers, Natalie Grieshaber and Cheryl Keely explained the accommodation has also allowed the Centre to plan specialised care for the residents of Braidwood and surrounding areas.

“We now can plan for our community. It’s enabled us to schedule services and appointments for our residents that we couldn’t before we had this accommodation available for the visiting practitioners. It’s been a tremendous help to us and everyone at the Braidwood Medical Centre,” Natalie and Cheryl explained.

General Manager – Dargues Mine, Angus Wyllie confirmed the partnership aligns with Aurelia Metals’ approach to working with its communities.

“This collaboration with the Braidwood Medical Centre highlights how we tirelessly endeavour to ensure our presence has a positive impact on our communities and our long-term relationships create shared and enduring value,” Angus concluded.

Follow this link to watch a video about this partnership.