New Cobar Complex

Aurelia Metals (AMI) recognises that the Hera-Nymagee Project is within and part of the wider Nymagee community which has a proud and rich history of both mining and farming. AMI seeks to engage with the community as actively and directly as possible so that the benefits to the community are maximised and so that any negative community impacts are minimised.

AMI coordinates quarterly meetings of the Hera Community Consultative Committee (CCC) and copies of minutes are available from this webpage. The Hera CCC comprises AMI, Council and Community representatives and our aim is to provide a forum for the discussion of the Company’s activities and our impact on the community.

The Company also maintains a Community Complaints Register via a dedicated phone line, with phone line details also available from this web page.

At a corporate level the Company operates under a Code of Conduct that promotes honesty and integrity and seeks for these values to be represented in all of our interactions with the wider Community.