Regional Exploration

Aurelia Metals (AMI) maintains a continuing commitment to the exploration of the Hera-Nymagee Project. The Company considers the Project area to represent a strong analogue to the Cobar District, which has evolved over the last 120 years as a major gold and base metal district which currently supports three large modern mining operations. The geological precedent for Cobar Deposits is for excellent vertical continuity and generally improving grades with depth. The combination of scale and grade provides for long-life, profitable mining operations.

AMI is applying a number of exploration techniques in its ongoing exploration programme including:

  • Detailed Gravity Surveys: Gravity surveys have a strong track record as an effective exploration technique in the Cobar district. Bothe Hera and Nymagee deposits are associated with strong gravity anomalies. AMI has applied detailed gravity over the entire Hera to Nymagee corridor and generated a number of gravity anomalies for follw-up.
  • Downhole EM (DHEM): DHEM is a proven technique in the Cobar district for the detection of conductive ore bodies away from existing drilling. YTC routinely applies DHEM , particularly at Nymagee, targeting ‘blind’ copper ore bodies at depth.
  • Drilling: Drilling can never be replaced as the primary exploration technique and the company maintains a strong commitment to exploration drilling at its two key deposits and the broader Hera-Nymagee Project area.